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Tuesday, September 27, 2016


Hotel Building 2.1 The Boutique Hotel should have a minimum of 10 bed rooms with attached bath rooms. 2.2 Boutique Hotel / building should not have more than two floors including the ground floor. 2.3 A generator capable of providing 100% back up power supply should be available in case of failure of main power supply. 2.4 A mechanized laundry with dry cleaning facilities capable of processing all hotel linen and guest linen or a facility to handle such items using suitable outside sources shall be available. A well ventilated linen room with adequate storage facilities for new linen and linen in use must be available. 2.5 A separate dedicated receiving area with adequate facilities having finishes conducive for easy cleaning and maintaining a high standard of hygiene shall be available. Area for cleaning of fish, meat, fruits and vegetables shall be available to maintain high hygienic standards 2.6 Effective insect and vermin protection should be carried out throughout the building and the immediate environment. Every possible steps must be taken to keep the surrounding clean and prevent breeding of flies and mosquitoes, 2.7 Detergents and chemicals used should be Bio-degradable  


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